Miracle Healing Is Real

The personal testimony of

Rev. Dr Winston Cuffie

"A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument." This has been my response, for the past twenty-seven years, to questions related to my position on miracle healing. I was virtually facing death in in July 1978 when - thanks be to God - miracle healing in the name of Jesus Christ, reversed my fate.

I remember, around May 1978, coming down the highway in a bus from a Port of Spain (Trinidad) nursing home, after being given little hope for recovery.  Viewing the buildings and landscapes, I thought it was my last ride on the route, so I should take my final look.

Mentally, I had well rehearsed my funeral. I saw the coffin. I saw my body in it.  I saw my friends and others filing by the coffin. I heard the voices of my friends expressing shock and dismay at my untimely passing. I could hear the reaction as the news broke, "Cuffie dead?" "I can't believe it!" - Grief overwhelmed me.

A million times I wondered, why me? Why did I have to be cut off so young? Our family was very poor, but some encouraging success in education appeared to provide hope for a better life. So why?

I turned to medical science, which did furnish some help. But that stomach condition remained aggressively defiant. I tried, as they say, "everything in the book", from medical science to bush medicine, to bush bath! As physical degeneration became evident, I would look at the effects of my countenance in the mirror, turn away and weep. It was frightening to think about what more advanced stages of deterioration would bring.

I remember coming up High Street in San Fernando (South Trinidad) one day, after an X-ray examination at the San Fernando General Hospital. As I looked at people happily window-shopping, joking and laughing on the street. It pained me deeply because I could not laugh anymore.

Believe it or not, in those days I would spend one, two or as much as three hours at a time on my knees, yes, on my knees, praying. But I was not born again then, so I did not know the biblical standard of God's righteousness for effective prayer. I was therefore further confused, as things got progressively worse.

Then finally, a friend, Jewan Singh, whose wife was literally sick unto death and had been miraculously healed at a Pentecostal Church in San Fernando (South Trinidad), under the Ministry of Rev. Wilson Rampersad (now deceased), introduced me to the same "remedy". Jewan was blunt with me. "Cuffie," he said, "you know there is really no cure for your condition. You need to come to Jesus, or Satan will destroy you."

May I say that although I had been praying and did firmly believe in God, some of the "devil things" and "heaven-and-hell business" seemed to be an insult to what I regarded as "my intellectual perspective on things." But I guess I had been humbled, somewhat, by having to face the fact that not even that so-called "intellectual perspective" could provide me with any tangible hope.

Above all, the living testimony of a distinct miracle in Jewan's wife, heavily rebuked my skepticism. I surrendered. Jewan arranged a vehicle to pick me up at home the following evening, and take me down to Rev. Rampersad's church.

It was July 20, 1978, a day I will never forget. I thought I had seen it all in the world of religion and related spheres, which I had explored at that point, but I had deceived myself. Here was a new world of miracles, life and God's supernatural provision for victory over sin, sickness and, in many ways, death. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior that night.

The born again experience that Christ speaks about in John chapter three (which I had previously scorned as some kind of fable and figment of the imagination) was now a living experiential reality to me. Hope for living swiftly replaced fear for dying. I no longer saw a funeral, but a celebration. My friends were no longer going to be surprised to hear that I was dead, but that I was a Pastor.

My physical healing began instantly. Not very long after, I was completely healed, as I diligently followed the principles of faith in the power of Christ. I have dedicated my life to point people to the way out of sickness, agony, fear, sin and desperation (which once tormented me) to the way of abundant life in Christ. Understandably, the organisation which I have founded  is called Miracle Ministries. By God's grace, I have been able to see quite fulfilling results.

I do not ever argue with critics or skeptics about miracle healing. My unforgettable personal experience from way back in 1978, and the numerous undisputed miracles I have continued to witness (plus those that I hear and read of otherwise - all in Jesus' name) have fully and entirely settled that issue. My duty now is not to focus on skeptics, but those who believe. Skeptics don't get the miracles, believers do. Again, I can tell you - I was once a skeptic dying, but now I am a believer living! Which is better? You choose.


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