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     "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument" This has been my response for the past twenty-five plus years to questions related to my position on miracle healing. I was virtually facing death when — thanks be to God — miraculous healing, in the name of Jesus Christ, reversed my fate.      Mentally, I had well rehearsed my funeral. I saw the coffin. I saw my body in it. I heard the voices of my school friends expressing shock and dismay at my untimely passing. Grief overwhelmed me. Our family was very poor, but some encouraging success in education appeared to have provided hope for a better life. So why must I die? I got some help from medical science initially. But that stomach condition remained aggressively defiant. Then, finally a friend, Jewan Singh, whose wife was literally sick unto death and had been miraculously healed at a Pentecostal Church in San Fernando, under the Ministry of Rev Wilson Rampersad,introduced me introduced me to the same "remedy". Jewan was blunt with me. "Cuffle," he said, "you know there is really no cure for your condition. You need to come to Jesus or Satan will destroy you." May I say, that although I had been praying and did firmly believe in God, some of the "devil things" and "heaven and hell business" 


Founder/CEO Miracle Ministries International;

Chairman, Board of Education and Management,

Miracle Ministries Pentecostal High School;

Holder of the Nation’s 2nd Highest Award

- Chaconia Gold

seemed to be an insult to what I regarded as "my intellectual perspective on things."     

     But not even that so-called "intellectual perspective" help then. Above all, the living testimony of a distinct miracle in Jewan's wife, heavily rebuked my skepticism. I surrendered and went to Rev Rampersad's church. It was a day I will never forget. Here was a new world of miracles, life and God's supernatural provision for victory over sin, sickness and in many ways, death. I accepted Christ as my personal Saviour that night. The born again experience which Christ speaks about in John chapter three (and which I had previously scorned as some kind of fable and figment of the imagination) was now a living reality to me. Hope for living swiftly replaced my fear of dying. I no longer saw a funeral but a celebration. My friends were no longer going to be surprised that I was dead, but that I was a school teacher and Pastor. My physical healing began almost instantly. Not very long after, I was completely healed, as I diligently followed the principles of faith in the power of Christ. I have dedicated my life to point people to the way out of the sickness, agony, fear, sin and desperation which once tormented me, to the way of abundant life in Christ, as well as academic education. By God's grace, I have been able to see quite fulfilling results. I don't ever argue with critics or skeptics about miracle healing. My unforgettable personal experience and the numerous undisputed miracles I've continued to see and hear of in Jesus name, have fully and entirely settled that issue. My duty now is not to focus on skeptics but those who believe. Skeptics don't get the miracles, believers do. Again, I can tell you, I was once a skeptic dying, but now I am a believer living! Which is better? You choose.


The personal testimony of

Rev. Dr Winston Cuffie



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